The hotel Jerabek that ensued from an old former restaurant, which was until 1950 in the hands of a generation of Jerabek`s family. The restaurant was stored with excellent cuisine and nice Pilsen beer, that's why this place was very pleasant for Liben`s eminence people. This open air restaurant with a skittle-alley, was very inviting for a trip to a lot of Liben`s people. Restaurant saloons were the best places for an institutional meeting. This family restaurant was represented by the Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal, who spend a lot of nice time here. In 1950 the restaurant was nationalized by RaJ Praha 8 and OPBH. The restaurant, managed by that department at that time had to close down and the building had to be demolished. The reason that the building was retained was the absence of money by the last government, at that time the building was without windows, roof and floor. In 1992 the family Jerabek got this house back and started to reconstruct it without good financial conditions. The reconstruction carried through a few months and at this time it is a very pleasant family hotel with a restaurant, a garden restaurant and a private parking place in the midst of green.